Some Ideas for peel

I set out below some brief points which demonstrate my thinking in the relevant areas:


Peel Regeneration. The work is now underway in the Market Place and future schemes are planned. The coordination of any such scheme of this kind is key and I believe the Commissioners must take a central part in an attempt to ensure that residents, businesses and visitors to the Town are all equally considered to ensure each benefits to the full extent possible from what is a very expensive and disruptive undertaking.

Peel Bay. I will work tirelessly to ensure that Peel bay is a safe place for our children to play. It is nothing less than a disgrace that Peel still discharges its untreated sewage into the sea. Whatever the reason for the failure to progress to a new sewage treatment works for Peel, the MUA and the government must work with the Commissioners to progress this as a matter of urgency. If they don't then we should not pay for a service we don't get. 

Food and Fuel Poverty. I would like to live in a place that ensures equality for everyone, particularly where food and fuel poverty are concerned. There are a growing number of people who are struggling to provide basic nutrition and affordable heating for themselves and their families. It is the responsibility of everyone within a community to ensure that nobody in this day and age goes without. I think our local authority particularly needs to do all it possibly can to safeguard vulnerable people. I would be in favour of introducing and promoting a food bank in the West and also community allotments where people can access a facility to grow their own food, irrespective of income. 

Dog fouling. I would like to see greater enforcement of the 'on the spot fines' for anyone caught allowing their dog to foul the streets and green spaces of Peel. 

Town expansion. As we are all aware Peel as grown and continues to do so. The Board is well placed to act as a lobbying body to ensure that the levels of services that this expanding population requires are adequately provided by the relevant government departments as well as maintaining the highest standards in relation to the services provided directly. If elected I would work hard to ensure effective management and make sure the voice of the board is heard in government when required. 

Attracting business and jobs to Peel. I have always been of the opinion that Peel should not be just a dormitory town with the residents leaving each day to work elsewhere. Ultimately I would like to see the number of places of employment in the centre of town expanded to provide jobs and help build a thriving community. The board can play it's part by exercising it's functions in the optimum way to create a pleasant environment for businesses to relocate and thrive. 

Events in Peel. I think the value of family fun days and events such as the carnival, Peel day and the viking boat races etc. are often overlooked. However we are already paving the way where seasonal entertainment is concerned. The atmosphere in Peel on days like these makes me proud to live here and it's a part of our heritage I will not only work to preserve, but actively build upon. 

Facilities for young people. Many schemes have been tried in the past with only limited success. Thought must be given to future projects where the Commissioners can use the funds they have in the budget to achieve the best outcome for our young people. This may include leading the way to encourage those in the private sector to assist in the creation of such facilities which could be enjoyed by successive generations of our childrenfor years to come. 

Heritage. Peel has the richest heritage on the Island and we are fortunate in the town to have very many people with a high degree of understanding of our past. I feel this knowledge could be exploited to encourage an even greater awarenessof our history amongst the Islands population as a whole. This would in turn attract more visitors to the town to boost our economy.  

Local authority housing and sheltered housing. We are fortunate in Peel in regard of the amount of social housing available and the standard to which it is maintained. However in the modern economy more will be needed and I will always be strongly in favor of increasing the number of properties available to those who require them, including the elderly.

Refuse. Peel has a good standard of domestic refuse collection. However we face the continuing problem of increased charges. I believe the Commissioners should resist any above inflation increases extremely vociferously and if they must be imposed then seriously consider restructuring the service in order to make it more cost effective.

Rates. Island living becomes ever more expensive and whilst this is a problem for central government to address I believe the Commissioners should do their part to work to keep the costs of running the town as low as possible. I'm very much in favor of rates being held at current levels or even reduced if possible. Where the Commissioners can reduce the financial burden on it's population, if only to a limited extent, it would be a positive thing to attempt.

Delegation of functions. It seems that the passing on to the Commissioners of additional functions is going to be a continuing policy of government . Whilst I do not oppose this totally it is paramount that the Commissioners should have as much say as possible as to what they are required to undertake. Once a decision has been reached as to the extent of what is to be delegated, the Commissioners should attempt to carry out these functions in the most cost effective way possible.





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